What We’re Loving: Anthropologie’s Imperial Cheese Knife Set

This set of golden slicers makes for a great gift and an even better piece for your table

We’re entering wedding season with full force — as spring approaches, we’re going to be heading to showers, bachelorette parties, and the big days of our friends and family. You know what that means? There will be lots of gifts to buy.

While registries may differ from couple to couple depending on tastes, style, and hobbies, there will come a point for every couple when they will host people at their home, whether it’s a regular occurrence or just for an impromptu dinner.

A cheese knife set is perfect for any couple because, for one thing, there is no one that doesn’t like cheese, and a cheese knife set is necessary for a great cheese or charcuterie board.

Anthropologie’s Imperial Cheese Knives are extra special because they’re golden — literally, they’re dipped in 24K gold and are gorgeous. This gift is a set of four slicers — there’s one for cheeses that are soft, hard, sharp, and subtle — all wrapped up in a cloth case that will keep it intact and good for use for many years to come.


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