What We’re Loving: Anthropologie’s Fondant Cake Stand Collection

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Show off your baked goods with these handcrafted stands

Here at The Daily Meal, we know that cooking a fantastic meal is only half the battle, especially when you’re a born entertainer or host. The display is the other half — showing off, just a little bit, is necessary when you’re setting the scene for your guests. 

When we discovered this stunning, hand-carved wooden stand paired with marble and glass, we thought, "Well, that’s a forever piece." (Side note: that’s totally something Mom would say, isn’t it? — scary that we're starting to sound like her...) Then, when we realized that it was a collection, we were really sold.

One stand for cakes, one for cupcakes, and another solely for cheeses and such — talk about the ultimate presentation. 

Create a gorgeous dessert table or appetizer spread using these as your servers and your guests will be buzzing about them for days. And, really, who doesn't like to be talked about? 

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