What We’re Loving: Playing with Popcorn

An easy Halloween recipe that keep your party popping

Use this tasty treat to enhance your party.

When you think about popcorn, your mind probably wanders to the movies and a ton of butter. But the salty movie staple is more than just a quick snack. There is so much you can do with popcorn, especially around the creepiest time of the year. After all, October is also known as National Popcorn Month!

A healthier alternative to sugary trick-or-treat candy is a guilt-free, gluten-free, high fiber snack — which prevent your kids from the eating all of the candy while watching post trick-or-treating movies.

But snacking on popcorn isn’t the only way to up the creep factor of this great party snack. Try any of these creepy DIY ideas:

Ghostly Glove
Simply fill rubber popcorn gloves with puffy white popcorn and tie with a festive ribbon. They can work as great party props or double as a party favor come Halloween!

Popcorn Garland
Get yourself some fishing line, a needle, and string it up! To make it more Halloween-friendly, try blackening the popcorn by slightly overcooking it or washing it in orange food dye.

Kernel Wreath
Even the pre-puffed corn is perfect for fall décor. Try turning your kernels into rich decorations by filling glass vases or even making a cool fall wreath  for your door!

JOLLY TIME Pop Corn shared with us a great recipe that is the perfect blend of salty and sweet for your Halloween Party.

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