What’s Justin Bieber Feeding the Rats in His Jail Cell?

Last night’s DUI might not be the only thing gnawing at the pop star today

Bieber most likely wasn't smiling for very long.

Last night diminutive Canadian pop star Justin Bieber was arrested for drunken driving, resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license after he was caught drag racing on a residential street in Miami Beach, and he’s been biding his time at Miami-Dade County Jail after failing his sobriety test. Until he’s released, it looks like he’ll have one additional problem on his hands: rats.

Last March, UPI reported that rats have been “running rampant” inside the shoddy prison, and in the article administrator Greg Rollins noted that "inmates are forced to throw food out of their cells along the walls in order for the rats not to come into the cells to raid and rampage."

A rat “larger than a 20-ounce soda bottle” was also spotted in an employee dining area, and inspectors additionally found “roaches living in a food tray area of the jail's kitchen, standing water outside near the garbage zone, … [and] openings around pipes in walls that could be access points for rats.” One inmate even claimed that a rat bit him where the sun don't shine. 

The jail, which is more than 60 years old, is infamous for its deplorable and unsafe conditions, with allegations of lack of sanitation, overcrowding, and copious amounts of vermin.


All in all, it sounds like the prison Bieber is currently locked up in is one of the most run-down and disgusting in the country. We wish him a pleasant stay!