What Party Hosts Are Really Thinking at the Dinner Table

400 party hosts were surveyed—and the truth is, they're a bit stressed

Since the beginning of human history, people have loved to entertain—it’s the notion of bringing people together. It comes naturally to some and requires a bit more of effort from others. We dine, we cook, we create, and we socialize. Admittedly, it’s a wonderful human instinct (need rather), and most of the time, our entertaining results in tons of artsy pictures and joyful memories. However, the process can be quite the hassle—from the approach of which we prepare to host, the dinner we serve, and lastly, the dreaded cleanup we are responsible for.

In a survey by Alexia Foods, four hundred fun-loving, party host entertainers were sampled on the approach of their preparation, delivery, and thoughts on dinner parties they hosted. Although, as hosts, it is our job to wear smiles and keep a faux easygoing disposition present, it seems as though at least half of us are dreading something as we serve our meals at the table.

  • 55% of the 400-member sample worries about getting stuck in never-ending political banter at the table.
  • 11% of the party host sample finds their stomach in knots over that one obnoxious guest we always find sitting at our table one time or another.
  • Lastly, 47% of the party hosts agree the worst part about entertaining, is cleaning up the mess.

Although stressful thoughts pervade our minds during the dinners we serve and the parties we throw, we continue to entertain in spite of this—that alone makes us entertainers.