What Not to Serve At a White Party

Stay smart as summer draws to an end with these tips for hosting an all-white bash

Take a cue from Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair on white party wardrobe and take a cue from us on what to serve!

As the summer comes to a close, the weather gets cooler—and unfortunately, our allowed time slot to wear white closes up. 

Wait, what? Yes, the age-old rule of wearing white post Memorial Day until Pre Labor Day still stands or so we’d like to think. With that, comes the idea of hosting a white party. At vast, beachside Hampton’s mansions, at your shore house, or even in your pal’s backyard—get ready to host or attend an official white party. 

While the obvious rules apply—wear white—there are tons of red flags that come along with the wardrobe choice at an outdoor bash. We’re here to sort through them and prepare you to be your most fashionable self while being smart.

Stick to foods that are clean, nude, bare, and white in color. Think about making hummus, creamy spreads, fish salads, white pizzette, white bean dip, and lots of grilled foods—no harm, no foul.

Here are a few things to not serve at your white party: 

Red Wine: A given, obviously—this one is a big no-no. We can imagine one spill at your average, run-of-the-mill cocktail party, just picture the multitude with your entire guest list in shades of egg shell and ivory. 

Sauces: While this is not a stroke of brilliance, it needs to be said. Stick to more cohesive dishes that entail coagulated dressings and dips. Don’t serve any type of tomato-based sauces, especially.

BBQ: A Hands-y type of food. Stay away from the obvious stains and stick to dishes that won’t harm the wardrobe. Or you could just wear a bib, that’s always en vogue. 

Cheesy Snacks: Skip the Doritos, toss the idea of Cheese Doodles—embrace, even if just for one evening, cleaner snacks, like pretzels and or popcorn. Orange fingers aren’t in trend right now anyway, we did you a favor.

Risky Condiments: Ketchup, Mustard, relish—look great on hot dogs, but not on satin pants or a silk dress—nix them.

Think White: and you’re in the clear. Avoid dry cleaning at all costs and you’ll be alright.