What Not to Grill

Some foods are just not meant for the grill

Delicate microgreens should not be grilled.

Grilling is one of the best ways to cook in the summer — it’s quick, easy, and almost anything can be thrown on the grill to get that charred, smoky flavor and beautiful grill marks. Well, almost anything.

Grilling slipups and near disasters from flare-ups can happen to just about anyone, but the worst is when you set yourself up for disaster before even turning the grill on. How does this happen exactly? When your foods to be grilled are ones that are better cooked indoors. Yes, there are some foods that just don’t belong on the grill.

Yes, you could place a cast-iron pan on a hot grill and basically cook just about anything, but we are talking about the foods that should not be placed on the grill because they’ll either slip through the cracks, take way too long, or be destroyed in the process.


To know what to grill and what not to grill, check out the list we put together with the help of chef Kerry Heffernan.