What Is In-N-Out's 'Monkey-Style' Burger?

FoodBeast gets down to the bottom of it

Plenty of The Daily Meal staffers are California natives (ahem In-N-Out > Shake Shack, FYI), but none of us have ever heard of Monkey-Style burgers. Until now.

FoodBeast brings this potentially killer secret menu item to our attention, testing it out at local In-N-Outs until they find it (or make it themselves). Monkey-Style, it seems, is a burger (hamburger or Double Double would work) topped with Animal-Style fries and devoured.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there is officially a "Monkey-Style" burger on the secret menu, but we'll be trying our hand at it anyway. Because Animal-Style fries on a burger sounds delicious, and this reporter is starving after having her wisdom teeth removed. Watch below and curse the fact that In-N-Out has not yet expanded to the East Coast (and if you're a lucky West Coaster, go ahead, laugh). Guess we'll have to make do with some Shake Shack.