What MLB Players Really Eat

None of them gave a shout-out to peanuts and cracker jacks.

Hot dogs, popcorn, and pie, oh my! What could be more American than bringing together our national pastime and the food associated with it as we approach the Midsummer Classic, the 2014 All-Star Game? We checked in with today’s big names in baseball to get the inside scoop on their own dish when they’re not working at the plate — that scoop of ice cream, favorite ball park snack, late night snack, and more. While none of them gave a shout-out to peanuts and cracker jacks, they’re emphatic about their likes and dislikes.

What MLB Players Really Eat (Slideshow)

All of the All-Stars, sluggers and pitching aces alike, share one thing in common. Just like us, they possess different tastes; there’s no “secret sauce” to their success on the field based on what they eat outside of it. Some rock out to veggies, others can’t stand them. Others crank up the protein bars all day long while others chow down on pizza. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to Major League Snacking.

Dee Gordon shared his daily menu of eggs, grits and bacon for breakfast, Chipotle for lunch, and something home-cooked for dinner. Sonny Gray enjoys a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before a game and can’t live without sweet tea. Greg Holland eats a pre-game protein shake but when he wakes up, oatmeal and coffee are on his agenda. Adam Jones has a weakness for Little Debby’s Nutty Bars when late night hits but will never order bone marrow or sea urchin. David Ross is “trying to like” sushi but admits he’s not having much luck. Kyle Seager’s favorite ballpark eats is a hot dog. And his favorite condiment? Mustard.

Matt Belisle

This right-handed relief pitcher on the Rockies rocks out to Thai fried rice for his go-to take-out dish and mentions he doesn’t really eat fast food. Belisle gives a hat tip to Chicago for the best foodie city and says a huge celebratory meal with teammates would be held at Cracker Barrel for breakfast or Texas de Brazil “since you can chow down.”

Dee Gordon

Dodgers’ second baseman Dee Gordon claims pork, beans and rice as the one dish he’s a pro at cooking but when it comes to eating out in New York City, he can’t resist Lombardi’s pizza. This 2014 All-Star powers up on pizza and fries right before a game but there’s one item you won’t see this Dr. Pepper fan eat: Vegetables. “Can’t stand ‘em!”


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