What Marilyn Hagerty Did in New York, Day 1

She's in the Big Apple and doing the media circus

Marilyn Hagerty at The Dovetail

Yesterday was Olive Garden critic Marilyn Hagerty's first day in New York City, and while she hasn't hit up Le Bernardin yet, she's done a ton of stuff already.

First there was a press event with The New York Times, where they gave her macarons and had her eat a dirty water hot dog for the first time for the cameras. "I can see where if you were really hungry you might want one of those hot dogs, but I don't think it's something I would yearn for," she says in a video on her blog EatBeat. "It was all right, it was long, but it was not really too hot, and then onion and kind of tomato sauce was strange, interesting."

Then there was dinner at The Dovetail, which her social media person Ryan Babb tweeteed their way through. "The courses were minute but they were perfect," Hagerty commented.

Today, the 85-year-old did an ABC radio interview and an AP interview. Other New York City plans include dinner at Le Bernardin sometime, and a visit to Times Square's Olive Garden Thursday.

Best quote of her video recap? "I don't know how we got here. Something about a virus, or I went viral... if that's all it takes to get a trip to New York I may go viral more often." We're waiting on a Times Square Olive Garden review to go big.