What Is a Semifreddo? Why You Need To Make It

If you like ice cream, you’ll love this

A semifreddo is a chilled dessert, ideal for sticky summer days when all you can think about is cooling off with a refreshing treat. The word itself means “half-cold” in Italian. It’s essentially a form of gelato but more mousse-like in texture, according to the International Wine and Food Society.

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Whether you’re grilling corn on the cob and lobster tail or you’ve spent the whole day playing games in the backyard with the kids, a cold treat will sate your sweet tooth. A semifreddo won’t give you as much of a brain freeze as a bowl of ice cream or a cup of gelato might, and it’s more foamy than creamy in consistency.

Though there are different variations, the basic ingredients are simple: milk or cream, eggs and sugar. Those things form the base of the dessert. From there, you can add in other ingredients for flavor such as berries or chocolate.

This dessert is ideal for summertime weather as it requires no baking. That’s right, you won’t have to turn the oven on and heat up the whole house just to enjoy dessert. You will, however, have to use the stove for a bit before placing the final product in the freezer to set.


If you like packing up a picnic basket for lunch and heading to the park, this might not be the best treat to travel with, but if you’re planning on dinner and dessert at home, this is a refreshing option that is one of the best no-bake desserts to make this summer.