What is Polenta?

Find out what polenta is made from
What is Polenta?

Firm polenta can be cut into squares and grilled.

Polenta is a boiled cornmeal porridge that is made by simmering ground yellow maize with a water-like liquid. Polenta takes a relatively long time to cook and to become soft. It can be cooked to a variety of consistencies, depending on its intended use in a particular dish. Soft-cooked polenta is delicious when boiled with stock or broth, flavored with garlic, herbs, or salty cheese, or topped with grilled vegetables or shrimp. Polenta that’s been cooked to a firmer consistency can be cooled in a pan or mold and then baked, fried, or grilled. Cubes of firm polenta that have been pan-fried in oil make delicious croutons for both soups and salads and squares of grilled polenta make a great vehicle for a variety of savory toppings.

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