Chocolate Ganache
Food Network/ Ina Garten

What is Ganache?

A funny name for a chocolate filling



Put aside the caramel and fruit fillings, ganacheis that smooth chocolate center we love sinking our teeth into.  Used for chocolate truffles and inside cakes, the combination of milk and cream give this chocolate filling its indulging characteristics. (Photo  Courtesy Daily meal/Allison Beck)

It’s unknown if ganache was the invention of French or Swiss chocolatires. Still, this European rich icing or filling is easy to make. It’s a technique even home cooks can complete. Made by boiling heavy cream and poured over chunks of chocolate, this mixture is then whisked until smooth.  Once cooled it can be used pored over a tart for a glossy finish, or whipped up for a velvety chocolate center. Whatever you choose, this transformation is a great finish for cakes or confections.

 Flavored with liquors, ganache can be made from all chocolate varieties: dark, white, and milk. But why does one ganache taste different from the other? Well, the characteristics of chocolate are to blame here. Not all chocolates are made equal. Some are made with different roasts, added fats, or additional sugars. These factors can all impact the velvety mouth-feel ganache has. (Photo Courtesy of Serious Eats/Kumiko Mitarai)

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 So the next time you’re faced searching though wrapped confections in a heart shaped box. You are now more prepared to choose your chocolate wisely.