What to Eat at Qui Tonight

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Paul Qui's new restaurant shares their opening day menu
Paul Qui's Opening Menu | Qui | Austin
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Austin, Texas, chef Paul Qui's much-anticipated restaurant Qui officially opens its doors today, and while dishes like "rabbit 7 ways" and "salmon butter" have already been much talked about, we got the menu for tonight.

So while the menu is pretty similar to what was announced in the press release a week ago, Qui did tell us that he is in the process of adding new items and swapping things out. "Right now it’s starting to get really hot here so some items might start falling off," Qui told us in an interview, saying he may add two or three items depending on the season.

Check out the menu below, but may we suggest the Gulf shrimp chawanmushi, which Qui based his S. Pellegrino Cooking Cup dish off of? He did win with the Mediterranean version, after all.

Some new dishes, however, include a Hainanese guinea hen (a chilled salad with bouillon and wood ear mushroom) and beef tapa with dried beef, egg yolk, onion, and red shiso.

First seating is at 5 p.m. CST, and since the restaurant is now 50 seats instead of the 80 it was originally meant to be, you can expect it to be packed.

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