Things Brides-to-Be Always Say

This video following the played-out Internet meme tells you how many, many women wedding plan

The Internet is being flooded with a ton of these Sh*t [Enter Group Here] Say videos, and the latest is no different. Wedding planners, wedding guests, and bridesmaids will all be able to empathize with the following video, aptly titled Sh*t Brides Say, courtesy of The Knot.

There's the standard inadvertent snacking on potato chips, the love for "vintage chic," and of course the proclamation, "No more eating until after the wedding!"

Definitely missing, however, is the whole menu planning party. As in, open bar? Chicken? Salmon? And really, no mention of the cake?

Head over to YouTube to watch a man in drag talk about beads, ruffles, and the difference between ivory, cream, and bone.

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