What Is Brisket?

The author of 'The Brisket Book' shares her thoughts and some recipes

The Brisket Book

Brisket incites passion in people, no matter who they are or what they think brisket really is. If you love brisket, then you've got something to say about it. In fact, there was enough talk that it caught the eye of writer Stephanie Pierson who realized that if people felt this strongly about a topic, well, then there should be a book about it!

In a humorous, informative, and light-hearted style, Pierson shares her discoveries and recipes about the dish in the definitive Brisket Book: A Love Story with Recipes. Through interviews with top-notch chefs and notable authorities like Zak Pelaccio and Chris Kimball of America's Test Kitchen, she explores what brisket means to people around the country and invites us to try their recipes at home (we've secured two below to give you a sample).

As funny in person as she is in writing, we were lucky enough to have her in our office for an on-camera interview. Watch what she has to say below and please take note of the song "Brisket for Dinner" that plays in the background. (It was made for her by two-time Grammy Award nominee Michael Mark.)


A basic recipe with useful tips from pro Nach Waxman.
An easy-to-follow recipe for those looking to venture into brisket-making for the first time. Plus, it's made with beer, which adds extra flavor to the meat.