What is the Best Way to "Dip"at Parties?

Coryanne of Kitchen Living With Coryanne gives us the scoop on smart ways to use dip at your parties

If you thought the biggest rule to dipping was not to double dip, you thought wrong!

Seinfeld brought this underground topic to light and made it a talking point, but did little to give us the ground rules for proper dipping etiquette.

The best way to dip at a party is take one small dip with a fresh chip and wait your turn before returning for the next dip. If you are served a plate, add a tablespoon of dip to your plate, and only return once your dip is finished.

So long as you avoid the all-too-common double dipping scandal and abide by these 5 simple rules to party dipping and you won't end up on the wrong side of the dipping bowl:

1. Never leave a chip behind: If you find yourself staring at a broken chip in the dip bowl, quickly use a fresh, larger chip to scoop it up.

2. Wait your turn: If you arrive at the bowl at the same time as another dipper, the person to your right has the right of way.

3. Don't be a greedy dipper: Unless you made the dip and you know that there is more dip than any one party can serve, dip in moderation. 

4. Avoid finger contact: When a chip is too small to dip, turn away from temptation, take it un-dipped. Chancing a dip will only result in your fingers coming into contact with the dip.

5. Turning in public is just a polite double dip. Dipping, then turning your chip for a second dip is nothing more than a double dip in disguise.

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