What Are the New Celebrity Diets?

The stars' fad diets continue with new twists

Every day, it seems the news of what stars are doing to stay in shape keeps on coming. So what are the newest celebrity fad diets? Thanks to Australian blogger Melissa (who tests diet pills herself), we've got the latest scoop: 

Anne Hathaway's 500-calorie cleanse: Normally, the healthy star doesn't indulge in crazy fad diets. However, her new role in Les Miserables of a dying prostitute means a healthy body shape just won't do. So how is she losing the weight? A strict 500-calorie diet and sessions with a personal trainer to whip her body in shape — in less than three weeks. That means just a couple of apples and protein shakes per day. 

Beyoncé's baby-weight gone: How is the new mom (and People's Most Beautiful Woman in the World) losing the weight so quickly? Six small, high-protein meals per day loaded with egg-white omelettes, protein shakes, pineapple bites, and lots of water.

Taylor Swift's Dr. Oz-recommended shake: A busy schedule on the road (and winning multiple awards), means the country-pop star has trouble eating right while touring. Dr. Oz personally made her a shake made with dark chocolate, cranberries, almond butter, and flax seed.

Kristen Bell's vegetarian ways: The movie star recently revealed she's been a vegetarian since she was 11. Her go-to meals include "pizza eggs," (leftover pizza toppings added into egg whites the next morning), veggie burgers, and "garbage disposal salads" with every possible veggie and fruit mixed in. 

Ashley Tisdale's splurges: Fortunately, not every celebrity aims to be on a fad diet. Tisdale revealed her two weaknesses — french fries and bread — and said she's not about to deny herself a craving.