What Is America's 'Drunkest' City?

Hint: it's an Eastern Seaboard city known for its wicked accent, and its beer

Well, if your city is home to an entire beer conglomerate named after your city, it shouldn't be that big of a surprise that it's the number one "drunkest" city in America. The Daily Beast has done its research and once again named Boston the drunkest city in America. 

What does that mean, exactly? The Daily Beast took into account the number of alcoholic drinks per month, per adult, in metro areas across the country (as measured by a market research firm), as well as percentages of binge-drinkers and heavy drinkers from the CDC. (Somewhat of a buzzkill.) At the bottom of its top 25 "drunkest" cities list, Burlington, Vt., ranks at 13.1 alcoholic drinks per adult, and 19.1 percent of the town's population classifies as "binge drinkers." At number one, however, the average number of drinks for Boston residents was 15.1 drinks per month, and 20.1 percent of its population classifies as binge drinkers. (The "heavy drinker" population was also a factor in the final ranking.) 

Of course, we appreciate Boston magazine's rebuttal to its twice-running honor from The Daily Beast: "But while we might be winning, we’re not exactly the drunk uncles at America’s wedding, 16 drinks ahead of everyone else and making an ass of ourselves," writes Eric Randall in his column. Randall points out that Boston's booming college-age population may be responsible for the binge-drinking stats, and that the nationwide stat for the binge-drinking population stands at 17.1 percent. So, we guess it's too early to start boasting Boston as your go-to party town. 

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