What 2,000 Shark Fins on a Sidewalk Look Like

In this heartbreaking video, a man shows how many shark fins are laid on the sidewalk before packing

Shark Fins

Taiwan may have banned shark finning, but the practice is still alive and well, as Oceanic Love's Gary Stokes shows in this following video.

The footage reportedly shows at least 2,000 shark fins, laid out to dry on the sidewalks of Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 

Shark fin, used for pricey shark fin soup, is particularly controversial since oftentimes fishermen often cut off the shark's fin and return the shark to the ocean, leaving it to drown.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, 26 to 73 million sharks are fished each year. About 30 percent of all shark species are threatened or near-threatened with extinction. Gordon Ramsay, Yao Ming, and Richard Branson are among several celebrities who have spoken out against shark finning.