Wendy's New Burger, World's Largest Bratwurst, and Other News This Weekend

We've rounded up the weekend headlines you may have missed
Wendy's New Burger, World's Largest Bratwurst, and Other News This Weekend
Arthur Bovino

Wendy’s Debuts New Burger: Named Dave's Hot 'N Juicy after Wendy’s late founder, the burger has extra cheese, a thicker patty, toasted buttered buns, and no mustard. What were we saying about fast food chains stepping up? [USA Today]

47-Foot-Three-Inch Bratwurst Makes World Record: A Chicago German restaurant cooked the 40-pound sausage on eight grills and served it on a 50-foot bun. [HuffPo]

Obama Shares Homebrewed Honey Ale: The White House-brewed beer was served to Medal of Honor winner Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, who requested a beer with Mr. President. The ale was made with a pound of honey from the White House Beehive. [Mediaite]

Chipotle’s Southeast Asian ChopHouse Opens: Reviews are mixed at the first location in D.C. Some say it’s fresh and tasty, others say it's “leftovers in a bowl.” Ouch. [LA Times]

Second Ramen Museum Opens: Around 500 visitors attended the opening, including a former prime minister. Visitors can make more than 5,000 different versions of ramen at the museum. [The Daily Meal, AFP]

Belgian-Style Fries Are in Danger: Thanks to the global economy’s need for larger potatoes, production of bintje potatoes is decreasing. Sad. "The bintje is the best potato, it makes the tastiest fries, and no other type can rival their delicious taste.” [WSJ]

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