Wendy's Employee Eats Frosty Straight From Machine

We're just waiting for another firing to happen; this photo went viral on Reddit, showing a Wendy's employee eating some Frosty ice cream straight from the machine nozzle.

While this is a tactic we often employ when eating canned whipped cream alone in our apartment, we hardly think this is safe and hygenic for our Frosty-making machines.

"I was going to buy a Frosty from Wendy's until I saw the employee do this," the poster wrote. Naturally, Wendy's is investigating the incident; Bob Bertini, spokesman for Wendy's, told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that if the photo is realistic, "This is totally inexcusable. We are investigating and will take action," he said in an email.

Of course, judging from recent news, this employee will most likely get fired. Most recently, a Taco Bell employee was busted for licking a stack of taco shells; a Burger King employee was fired after a photograph of him stomping on lettuce (shoes on) went viral; KFC had an incident where an employee photographed herself licking a pile of mashed potatoes, while another Taco Bell employee was busted for "peeing" on a pile of nachos with what was allegedly just watered down Mountain Dew. How about everyone just stops messing with our food?