Wendy's Beats Out Burger King and More News

In today's Media Mix, food ads change taste buds, plus how the food truck was born

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

All Hail... Wendy's: Looks like the crown on Burger King's logo is a bit tarnished; Wendy's has become the number two fast-food burger chain in America, kicking BK into third place. [Slate]

Where We Buy Our Food: A new infographic (and research by Trace McMillan) digs into the country's grocery bills to determine the "food economy" in America. Notable facts from her study: Twenty-five percent of food purchases are made at Walmart; and if there is a grocery store in the neighborhood, vegetable and fruit intake increases by 32 percent. [GOOD]

Food Ads Work: Drooling over a McDonald's Big Mac ad? Turns out, according to one recent study, food advertising can change your taste perception. When participants looked at ads of high-calorie foods, they reported that the food they were eating (not necessarily the food they were looking at) tasted better. [HuffPo]

The Evolution of Food Trucks: Before taco, falafel, kimchi dogs, and Kogi trucks took over the U.S., Jonathan Gold reminds readers that the food truck was born in Los Angeles, nearly 80 years ago. [The Smithsonian]

Germany Seeks to Reduce Food Waste: To avoid 181 pounds of waste per German consumer each year, Germany has kicked off a program to educate about food expiration and "best by" dates. [Businessweek]