Wendy’s Joins Burger King in Offering Mobile Payment

Wendy’s Joins Burger King in Offering Mobile Payment

With the new Wendy's app features, you can build your burger and pay for it without having to take out your wallet.

Fast food companies are seriously changing the way we consume. In a move that should be particularly appealing to younger customers who are already attached to their iPhones, Wendy’s announced recently that it will be joining Burger King in allowing customers to pay via an app on their cell phones. Burger King announced last week that it will be rolling out its mobile payment app in April.

"If they want to come in and give us business, we want to allow them to pay the way they want to pay," Craig Bahner, chief marketing officer for Wendy's, told The Associated Press.

Starbucks, which launched its mobile paying service in 2011, has noted that approximately 14 percent of its sales come from the app, where cashiers simply scan customer’s phones. The Wendy’s app will work a little bit differently, in that customers will log in to the app, and pull up a six digit pin number that they will give to the cashier. Burger King customers will load funds onto a virtual gift card, and pay that way.

No word yet from the golden arches on when they will be releasing a mobile payment app. According to The Associated Press, McDonald’s is still in the test stages on their own version of digital payment. 

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