Wendy’s Japan Rolls Out Prosciutto-Topped Burger

The burger chain has done some pretty crazy things in the past, but now its bringing some Italian inspiration into the mix

Wendy's Japan will not start offering burgers with prosciutto on them.

Wendy’s in Japan is known for some funky menu items, like their lobster and caviar and foie gras burger. But now, according to Food Beast, they’re introducing a Prosciutto Mozzarella Italiano burger with the cured Italian-ham atop a burger with sun-dried tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomato, and basil cream cheese sauce.

Wendy’s Japan has been doing these crazy combinations for a few years now, like their Surf & Turf, which is a part of their “Ocean Premium” line, a burger with lobster on top of it. The Lobster & Caviar burger is similar but instead of the burger patty, it has lobster chunks, a lobster salad made with mayonnaise and mustard, and caviar to top it off.

If done correctly these do have potential to be good, but for a fast-food chain, the combinations seem a little far-fetched. While the seafood items may succeed better in Japan due to accessibility and therefore a higher likeliness to be fresh, the same probably can’t be said if the same combos were tried in America.

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Either the Japan branch of Wendy’s is ahead of America and doing something right over there, or it’s just trying too hard. We’re still a little wary over here.