Wendy’s Demands Animal Welfare Reports from Pork Suppliers

Pork suppliers will be required to submit quarterly animal welfare reports attesting to the humane treatment of their pigs
Wendy’s Demands Animal Welfare Reports from Pork Suppliers

In an effort to limit its business to suppliers with humane practices, Wendy's will require quarterly animal welfare reports from its pork suppliers.

Wendy’s has announced that it will require greater accountability from its pork suppliers in the form of quarterly animal welfare reports. Wendy’s, which has previously stated a goal of sourcing pork solely from gestation stall-free pork suppliers, will now require increased transparency from suppliers at all levels of pork production.

Amidst growing public concerns about American food safety, the fast food giant is to be commended for its ongoing commitment to eliminating “a cruel system that’s simply out of step with how people think animals ought to be treated,” said Josh Balk, director of food policy for The Humane Society of the United States.

Wendy’s is one of 60 food companies to participate in the effort to remove the use of sow gestation stalls, which confine animals in tiny crates for most of their lives, from their supply chains. Other companies that have joined in the movement include McDonald’s, Costco, Burger King, Smithfield, and several others.


Currently, Wendy’s audits its pork suppliers at least once a year, while suppliers who must improve their standards are audited at least twice a year. So far, more than 1,200 audits have been conducted, and include reviews of housing, transportation, holding facilities, and humane processing procedures, according to Wendy’s Animal Welfare Program.