Welcome Fall with Cupcakes!

Throw a fall-themed cupcake party to welcome the new season

While commuting to work today and seeing scarves and denim jackets everywhere, made me finally realize that fall is on its way. Sadly, it’s time to say goodbye to my colorful sundresses and crazy-patterned shorts. However, the cupcake trend remains and with it comes new decorations and flavors to enjoy. To celebrate this new season, a cupcake party is in order.

Have the cupcakes made in advance, so the cakes will be cooled down and not cause the frosting to melt all over the place. Some fun, fall flavors to experiment with are pumpkin, apple cider, cinnamon roll, rum, maple, sweet potato, oatmeal raisin, and apple pecan. Combine these flavors or use them with classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to make uniquely fall tasting cupcakes. Place the ready cupcakes on cupcake stands decorated in fall colors such as orange, maroon, and brown.

Create a few basic frostings and a couple of unique tasting frostings for your guests to use. They can add colors and various flavors to the basic frostings to make them their own.

The decorations make the cupcake. Make sure to set up different areas for piping frosting and placing the perfect decorations. Have lots of sprinkles, food coloring, piping bags with multiple tips, melted chocolate, fondant, edible leaves, nuts and other toppings you wish to add. Be sure to put tablecloths over the tables to prevent unwanted stains and mess. Keep the stations organized with having bowls for each type of decoration and placing a nametag on each of the bowls.

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Looking for a cute party favor? Aprons that the guests get to wear throughout the party or having jars with ready-made cupcake mixes would be a great idea. Be sure to have plenty of cupcake gift boxes ready in order for your guest to bring home their amazing cupcakes.