Welcome to Brokelandia

Test your locavore knowledge over a little conversation of 'Did you eat it?'

A perfect parody of Fred Armisen’s Portlandia, welcome to Brokelandia, where two in-the-know Brooklyn locavores battle it out over must-eats throughout the beloved New York borough.

If you aren’t convinced that their knowledge is up to par, rest assured. The following bites received shout-outs over lunch at Bedford Hill Café: Brooklyn Kitchen’s beer-flavored salted caramels, the chef’s secret tasting menu at Roberta’s, lentils in four shades, Isa’s deep-fried sardine skeletons, some giant roasted sheep, and some of Steve Buscemi’s pumpkin — right off his doorstep.

Any of these sound familiar? Good! But the real question is, “Did you eat it?”

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