What's the Weirdest Thing a Food-Sniffing Beagle Has Found at JFK Airport?

We think it's a fig tree, but you decide
Beagle, not Izzy

Beagle, not Izzy

Over on the AP, there's a full profile on Izzy, a 6-year-old beagle who spends her days sniffing around the International Terminal of JFK Airport hunting down "notorious" sausages, instead of drugs.

While most of her finds are some apples and other fruits, Izzy's handler reports that almost 28 pounds of food are collected each day. On one day, they had the classic sausages, as well as barley, burlap, curry, beets, fruits, and vegetables. But the strangest find?

"We pulled a 4-foot fig tree out of a bag one day," officer Meghan Caffery said. "The roots and soil and everything, like it was just dug right out of the ground."

Other weird airport happenings include passengers sewing soda bottles and coffee cans inside their coats, or taping them directly to their bodies. But a food dog is necessary because, "Something as simple as an apple could carry the larva of a Mediterranean fruit fly," an officer told the AP.