Wegmans High School Musical in Works

Some Massachusetts high schoolers are super stoked about the grocery store opening

Who knew a grocery store could spark so much creative energy? An advanced drama class at a Massachusetts high school was so stoked by a new Wegmans opening up in their town, they composed a musical about the compelling happenings of food shopping.

Called Wegmans … The Musical, its plotline involves family feuds, forbidden romance, and of course, an undercover spy.

From Telegram Towns: "The musical focuses on the relationship between twin brothers — Teddy, a manager at the new Wegmans, and Roy, who works at a mediocre competitor, the fictitious Acme Food Store. Roy, long jealous of his brother, sends a spy to work at Wegmans to sabotage the store and humiliate Teddy. But the spy falls in love with the store and a Wegmans employee, and struggles with whose side to take."

Apparently portions of the musical are also based on real-life events, like a marriage proposal (which took place at the opening in the café), and a power outage, when Wegmans was the last electrical happyland standing.

"We've made Wegmans the Land of Oz or Disneyland, and everyone that works there is happy," the student who plays Teddy said. Let's see if Glee does a similar spin-off.