Weekly Recipe Review: Melissa Clark's Artichokes, the Ultimate Coconut Cake, and More...

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A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the world
Coconut Cake
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Coconut Cake

Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes. 


The Boston Globe: A quick stir-fry of noodles with beef translates leftovers into a warming udon soup. 


The New York Times: Melissa Clark breaks down artichokes and creates this recipe with fregola, artichokes, and feta


The Washington Post: This award-winning coconut cake recipe is topped with a cream cheese frosting.


The Los Angeles Times: A simple arugula and Parmesan pasta gets a crunchy kick with toasted breadcrumbs.


The UK Guardian: Simple lamb chops are spruced up with tangy, pickled cucumber.


The San Francisco Chronicle: A spiced Egyptian-inspired chicken recipe that's served with rice.  


The Times-Picayune: A much sought-after dish served during the New Orleans Jazz fest each year, this recipe for Crawfish Monica is going to be as close as you'll get until next year. 


The Chicago Tribune: Gnocchi plus fresh sprig peas makes a refreshingly tasty dish. 


Gilt Taste: New on the scene, this recipe from Gilt Taste is made with butter-poached salmon in a sugar-and-salt cure.


KitchenDaily.com: With spring in full force, try one of these fantastic rhubarb recipes