Weekly Recipe Review: John Besh’s Shrimp Creole, Grilled Chicken and Spring Asparagus, and More…

A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the world

Check out our Editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes. 


Salon.com: Diver scallops combined with fresh pea shoots makes this easy, garlicky dish a fast favorite.


The New York Times: To avoid the splattering that comes with searing meat, one cook found a no-sear method that still achieves depth and flavor with this Tagine-Style Lamb Stew recipe.


The Boston Globe: These protein-packed lentil cakes are topped with refreshing raita, a cool cucumber-yogurt sauce.


The Washington Post: A spring recipe that takes advantage of fresh asparagus stalks and combines them with grilled chicken for a light and easy salad.


The Los Angeles Times: A simple dinner of fried eggs with spring asparagus and bread crumbs makes for a quick and easy meal if you’re short on time.


SlashFood.com: If you’re hankering for a taste of winter or live in a place that still feels like winter, try making this simple and hearty White Bean Soup.


The Oregonian: One cook livens up an ordinary meatloaf recipe with some heat and the addition of couscous.


The Times-Picayune: Chef John Besh promotes his new cooking show and shares this recipe for Shrimp Creole.


The UK Guardian: A 15-minute dish gently cooks salmon in a lemongrass and ginger broth.


The Chicago Tribune: A healthy green lentil soup that’s also vegetarian (and delicious).