Weekly Recipe Review: Jonathan Waxman’s Gnocchi, Curtis Stone’s Fries, Cola-Braised Pulled Pork, and More…

A weekly roundup of the best food section recipes around the world

Check out our Editors' picks for this weeks top food section recipes. 


The Washington Post: An easy side dish for broccoli rabe and garlicky potatoes; try serving it alongside grilled or roasted meats.


The New York Times: An Italian-inspired recipe from Chef Jonathan Waxman’s new cookbook that uses spring vegetables with gnocchi.  


The Oregonian: Fresh vegetables are quickly cooked in a curry-peanut sauce but the chicken in this stir-fry dish can be easily replaced with firm tofu.


The San Francisco Chronicle: Get ready for summer with this cola-braised pulled pork recipe.


The Boston Globe: Easy, pan-seared skirt steak is seamlessly transformed into beef stroganoff with egg noodles if you happen to have leftovers. That’s a big if.


The Seattle Times: A simple halibut is spruced up with a garlicky mayonnaise and a hint of lemon.


Salon.com: One cook shares a meat and potato hash recipe from her family’s place of origin Macau (if you don’t know where that is, then make sure to read the article).  


KitchenDaily.com: Curtis Stone makes these healthy oven fries and serves them with a garlic aioli.


The Chicago Tribune: Roasted broccolini rests atop fresh ricotta and hearty bread in this caramel-drizzled tartine.


Guardian UK: A healthy, greens-packed salad that is dressed with a mustard, yogurt, and sorrel combination — it looks delicious (trust us).