Weekly Media Mix: Lady Gaga Discusses Italian Food; Paula Deen Unveils Her Poultry Line; and Orange Juice is Artificially Flavored

Some of the week's biggest food and drink stories
Weekly Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Weekly Media Mix

The Daily Byte's Weekly Media Mix rounds up the week's big food stories.

• Most companies artificially flavor their orange juice to taste like oranges. [Gizmodo]


• Many rising star chefs chose not to go to culinary school. [LAT]
• How tough is it to find talented young cooks? Chefs share their thoughts. [Eater]

Bon Appétit rounds up the country's 11 toughest restaurants to get reservations. [Bon App]
Ma Pêche beats out Minetta Tavern in Food 52's Tournament of (New York) Restaurants. [F52]

• Lady Gaga discusses brining her Italian culinary roots to her tour bus on Jimmy Kimmel Live. [GS]

• McDonald's debuts their baguette bread stick in France. [Chi Trib]
• Paula Deen's all-natural poultry line from Springer Mountain Farms is now available in supermarkets. [Food Network Humor]

• Dunkin' Donuts debuts their IPO this week with favorable results. [USA]
• Whole Foods reports a 35 percent increase in profits last quarter. [Statesman]

• President Obama defends the first lady's recent trip to Shake Shack, which she got a lot of flack for from critics. [Obama Foodorama]

Shame of the Week
• A man robbed a cupcake shop in Denver armed with what he claimed to be a syringe filled with his own HIV-infected blood. [Fox 31]

• A fake Domino's commercial portraying the relentless nature of their employees. [Funny or Die]

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