Wedding Cake Toppers: New Ideas for the Age-Old Tradition

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A look at 16 modern and vintage toppers, and one cake without
Etsy/Cherry Time

Polaroids give a personalized touch to the old-meets-new tradition.

In the wonderful world of wedding cakes there are oh so many options. Everything from flavor to style to type to height and width must be agreed upon; not to mention tiers, filling, frosting, color, theme, shape, frills, and fuss.

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In addition, there is the age-old tradition that seems to be becoming trendy once again: the wedding cake topper. To top, or not to top? Classic figurine, or something newer and more inventive? Rustic and Etsy-esque, or sleek and modern?

The avenues for toppers are seemingly endless. The classic marital couple topper has evolved into a variety of handmade items, edible delicacies, and even comical snapshots — everything from flowers to pom-poms to glitter to banners has decorated the tops of the latest cakes. Cakes themselves have taken on a whole new life, becoming themselves a topper, or dispelling the notion of even needing one.

However, in the name of tradition, and to celebrate our Entertain editor’s engagement (yes gentlemen, she is taken), we’ve taken a closer look at some of our favorite wedding cake toppers, and one cake without. So here are 17 of the most interesting ones we found.

Happy topping, everyone.

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