Wedding Cake Pops That Make Great Favors

Who doesn’t love an edible party favor? These Wedding Cake Pops are a perfect way to say thank you

Wedding cake pops can make the best favors.

If you are the kind of couple that lives in a world between "formal" and "fun," an exciting choice for a wedding favor may be wedding cake pops. Instead of using these bite-sized dessert bursts as an afterthought tossed into a goodie bag, use these treats as a replacement for traditional favors.

From color-coordinated wedding cake pops to themed characters, cake pops are popping up across wedding favor tables everywhere! While your traditional wedding favor can only cram so much into its design, cake pop pieces can be intricately designed and personalized for a stunning visual presentation.

Mini Wedding Cakes

Can you believe how adorable these sweet little mini wedding cakes are?

Color Coordinated

No matter what your wedding colors are, cake pop favors can perfectly accent your theme.

The Sweet Source

Bride and Groom

Who needs a cake topper with these sweet favors?

Floral Pops


Flowers are always a hit at weddings, and now, your guests can eat them too!