Wedding Cake Of The Day — Sprinkle Cakes

Rainbow sprinkles never fail to invoke feelings of nostalgia and childhood, and what better day to reflect on adolescence than the day where you are about to be fully propelled into adult life? Sprinkle wedding cakes are bombarding the wedding scene with their bright and youthful charm, and this trend does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

This trend is great because it is both versatile and customizable. Douse your cake in rainbow colors or simply dust it with touches of sweet multicolored magic. Many custom wedding cake bakeries have caught onto this trend luckily these cakes are not too difficult to create, and companies such as Palermo's Custom Cakes and CMNY Cakes in New York City have mastered the trend.

Your guests will adore this ravishing treat, and it will immediately set a happy and joyful tone, and who doesn't want that at their wedding? Consider straying away from average on your big day, and have a wedding to remember with a flecked masterpiece. For more wedding cake inspiration check out our slideshow!