Wedding Cake of the Day: Monogram Wedding Cakes

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Who needs monogram cake-toppers when the newest fad in wedding cakes is decorating your cake in monogram letters?
Monogram Wedding Cake

Monogram Wedding Cake

Monogram cake-toppers have been a relatively common addition to wedding cake décor for years — incorporating a monogram topper to a wedding cake brings a couple’s personal touch to the confection. With that thought in mind, the latest in monogram-wedding decoration now begins on the actual cake itself!

Martha Stewart Weddings introduced a monogram-stenciled wedding cake, on their list of modern wedding cakes, declaring it the newest fad in wedding cakes. The dense chocolate cake (pictured above) is complemented by a stenciled cocoa-powered monogram print that's both simple and effective. If you don’t want monogram letters to control your whole cake, check out these 12 monogrammed wedding cakes for inspiration on ways to incorporate letters differently. Use a small single pair of fondant letters, or repeat your and your spouse’s initials in tons of patterns on your cake. If you are a couple without a defined theme for your wedding, monogram cakes are a nice fill-in as a cake — as naturally, you and your married match should be the theme of your wedding!

Be proud of your initials (or rather, your new ones) and prove it by putting it on your wedding cake!

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