Watch People Slide Down a Giant Chocolate Syrup Slip 'N Slide

Staff Writer
It looks disgusting but also amazing? We're confused
Chocolate Syrup Slip-n-Slide | Video

What would you do if you had a ton of extra chocolate syrup around, and no ice cream to eat it with? Well, some folks found a hill, a large sheet of plastic, and created a chocolaty slip 'n slide.

This stunt from the Ford Fiesta Movement gathered 52 gallons of chocolate syrup, 200 feet of plastic, and one large hill to create a giant chocolate slip 'n slide, using chocolate syrup instead of water for extra slip.

"It sure made for some 'sweet' summer fun," the YouTube page says, but we're still a little wary about using so much chocolate in lieu of water. On one hand, there's probably less friction while going down the slide. On the other, you're sure to be awfully sticky afterward. If you plan on doing this, make sure there's a hose nearby to wash off all the chocolate. Watch the chocolaty shenanigans below. We think we'll stick with chocolate syrup on our ice cream, instead.

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