Watch a Jack-o'-Lantern and Some Pumpkin Pie Get Blown to Pieces

Because, why not?

It must be the never-ending wonder of things blowing up (oh so juvenile of us!) but really, exploding things and smashing watermelons are pretty much the top of our viral video playlist. Especially in slow motion.

So naturally, when this video ended up in our inbox we had to post it. The people behind Tasted baked up a scrumptious-looking pumpkin pie, carved an excellent jack-o'-lantern, and proceed to blow it all up in slow-mo. While half of us is all like "Noooo pie!!!" the other half is pretty fascinated by what happens to the whipped cream.

Watch the entire process below and then go eat a slice or two of pie. And since food waste is such a big deal, Tasted was nice enough to donate the equivalent of the food blown up to Share Our Strength. It's kind of a win-win situation. Happy Halloween, y'all.

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