Watch The Aviary's Mixologists Brew Their Own Beer

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The Aviary is finally getting its own in-house beer
Youtube/ AviaryCocktails

We can't wait to get our hands on The Aviary's beer, coming in April.

Everyone's favorite cocktail bar, The Aviary, is spicing things up — with its own in-house beer. And now, we get to be a part of the fun. 

A new video with Charles Joly, famed mixologist, and Micah Melton, sous chef, shows the journey to create the "Stalk You Like a Hurricane" porter, all the way to Louisville, Ky. You can watch Joly, Melton, and the great brweers at Against the Grain Smokehouse and Brewery shuck corn (and even have a brief fight scene with corn husks), add it to the mash, strain the grain away, and begin to create the final product. The Aviary, as Zagat notes, only began serving craft beers this summer, but the new porter will be available at the cocktail bar beginning in April. We'll take that — and maybe a Daiquiri, while we're at it. 

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