Watch Anna Kendrick Make Biscuits, Sing 'Cups'

The actress performs the amazing 'Pitch Perfect' remix in a diner with customers, cooks

Just as some a cappella groups have created killer covers of Adele using spatulas, and other tech-y people created synthesizers out of fruits and vegetables, Anna Kendrick has taken on a capella with one instrument: a cup.

As most of The Daily Meal staffers are fans of Pitch Perfect, we were pretty stoked to see Kendrick take her song "Cups (When I'm Gone)" to a music video level, performing the piece after baking some biscuits and waitressing in a diner. And while we love the idea of whipping out a piece like this at our local diner on some random Sunday morning, we can only imagine the death glares we would get from fellow hungover patrons.

Watch below as Kendrick and company perform an extended version of "Cups" with, of course, cups and extra percussion from fellow diners and cooks. If only our local diner were this musical. Also, we'd like some of those biscuits, please.


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