"Warm Your Corn" Makes for Perfect, Pop-Free Hot Popcorn

Innovative, microwave-safe bag heats pre-popped corn

If you’re fundamentally unable to successfully pop popcorn without burning the kernels, but also too wary to indulge the fiscal and caloric cost of actual movie theater popcorn, you’re probably familiar with Popcorn, Indiana’s ready-to-eat line of popcorn that’s stepped in to save the day.

For fans of the brand, things are about to get even better, with the release of the snack company’s feat of popcorn engineering, the “Warm Your Corn” microwavable popcorn bag.

What it does is essentially cut out the middleman. Instead of standing with your ear trained on the microwave counting the seconds between pops, you can just pop the specially designed “high moisture barrier” bag in the microwave and go set up the DVD player. Return in 60 seconds to a bag of perfectly pre-popped and now warmed popcorn ready to munch during your movie, just like a trip to the theater but minus the astronomical price tag.

Or you can just skip those steps and devour it straight from the bag — not a choice to be overlooked.

“Warm Your Corn” is basically the futuristic spaceship of popcorn innovation, but it’s low-cost and made of all natural ingredients and materials. Grab a bag from your closest Popcorn, Indiana retailer starting this month.