Want Party Advice From Pippa Middleton?

Your chance is coming: Pippa's Recipe-Filled 'Celebrate' is out Oct. 30
Indigo/Getty Images

Everyone loves Pippa Middleton. If they’re not paying close attention to her street styles, what she picks up for breakfast in the morning on the way to work, or her gentlemen callers, they’re simply just watching her behind. 

But Princess Kate's sister has parlayed her party-loving personality into a profession. Middleton, who runs Party Pieces' (her family's business) online magazine The Party Times, has penned a book on just that — how to plan a party. Entitled Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends, it will cover various celebrations throughout all the seasons and also include advice and theme party ideas. 

While the book's contents are under wraps for now, we do know this: it will be 400 pages and is set to be released Oct. 30, just in time for the holidays. Filled with recipes, menus, and entertaining tips, Celebrate offers gems like this Rhubarb and Anise Crumble Cake and seasonal greats like these Easter Nest Cupcakes. Head over to The Party Times to get a better idea of what to expect, but we’ll just say this, by the look of the charming website and its content, you’re in good hands. 

Now, as for Prince Harry, he could use a few words of wisdom from Pippa on how to have a successful gentlemen’s evening, don’t you think?