Walmart to Offer Affordable Organic Groceries with Wild Oats

The nation's largest retailer has teamed up with Wild Oats to offer affordable organic groceries

Walmart will begin introducing Wild Oats organic products in stores over the next several months.

Walmart has announced an upcoming partnership with Wild Oats, an organic foods company, to bring organic packaged foods to its customers. Although Wild Oats products will not be exclusive to Walmart, the prices will.

Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of Walmart U.S.’ grocery division, said that the decision to introduce organic items was inspired by overwhelming support from its customer base. Ninety one percent of Walmart shoppers polled expressed interest in having organic groceries available.

"We're removing the premium associated with organic groceries," said Sinclair.

Wild Oats products will be priced in line with Walmart’s conventional groceries, and at least 25 percent less than its other organic brands

“Customers want transparency and simplicity in their products,” Sinclair said. “People want to know what’s in the food they’re eating.”  

According to a representative for Walmart, the company will begin rolling out Wild Oats products in stores over the next several months. Wild Oats products will also be available on Walmart’s website later this summer.


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