Walmart to Label Healthy Foods, Make Shopping Easier

They're deciding which foods are 'Great For You' and which aren't

In a plan to make healthy shopping easier (since nutrition labels are so confusing), Walmart is creating a new "Great For You" icon to accompany healthier foods.

The logo, which is not FDA-backed, will be placed on fresh vegetable and fruit signs, as well as qualified packages. Lean cuts of meat qualify for the label, as does brown rice, and skim and 1 percent milk.

"At the point in time that there is a standardized label that comes out from the FDA then we'll be happy to make a switch," Thomas told Reuters. "At this point we feel like our customers need help right now; we don't know how long that's going to take."

The chain has also reportedly reduced the amount of sodium in their Great Value ketchup, canned vegetables, and certain cuts of beef.

Furthermore, in an effort to promote healthy eating, the brand has reduced or eliminated the price difference between regular products and healthier alternatives, including low-sodium lunch meat.

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