Walmart Guarantees Money Back on Returned Fresh Produce

If your produce goes bad, Walmart lets you return it

Don’t worry about your fruits and vegetables going bad before you eat them. Walmart, the country’s largest grocery chain, has introduced a policy allowing customers to return spoiled produce, no questions asked, according to Facts, Figures & the Future.

This is not the only change that Walmart introduced to encourage customers to make healthier choices. They have also distributed the Nutrisystem 15-day jumpstart weight-loss kit to 2,000 stores and made 5-day diabetes treatment kits to select stores. These changes reflect the nation’s interest in lowering obesity rates via healthy eating.

The chain’s produce policy is expected to make customers more inclined to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, by being allowed to return the produce if it goes bad before they eat it. The hassle-free returning system and the lower-priced fresh produce will ideally help people make healthier choices.

According to Reuters, Walmart doesn’t even require customers to bring back the produce to get a refund; a receipt will suffice. The chain also started a produce training program for 70,000 employees to teach them about handling fresh produce.


The long-term effects of these changes remain to be seen, but being able to get easy refunds for fresh produce is nevertheless a nice perk.