Server Eats Cockroach to Silence Complaining Customer

A waitress in China proves insect is no big deal by eating it herself

A waitress silenced a complaining customer by eating the cockroach he found in his food.

Finding an unexpected insect in one’s food can be extremely disturbing, but not everybody is so squeamish, as one restaurant customer found out this week when he complained about a cockroach and his waitress just ate it.

According to RocketNews24, a businessman eating at a restaurant in Sichuan Province in China found a cockroach in his food and was very upset. He showed it to the waitress and demanded that she explain how she could serve food that had bugs in it.

The waitress turned around and berated the customer right back for being too picky, insisting that it was totally normal for cockroaches to wind up in food.

“No matter which restaurant you go to, you’ll find things like cockroaches in the food. It’s normal!” she reportedly told him.

The customer decided to call her bluff and said that if cockroaches were so normal, why didn’t she eat it?

So she did.

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After watching the waitress munch the offending cockroach like it was no big deal, the customer reportedly just threw up his hands, admitted defeat, and paid for his meal. Later, however, the restaurant’s owner reportedly came out to apologize to the customer and say she agreed with him about cockroaches not being menu items. While the waitress’ chutzpah was impressive, the owner reportedly said the waitress should have just apologized and taken the food away.