This Egg-Inside-an-Egg Video Is Incredible

Watch 'Inception,' egg-edition

We've all heard stories about double egg yolks, but this is just insane. One of this guy's chickens laid an abnormally large beast of an egg.

The egg is about 191 grams (almost half a pound!) and around 10 inches around.

The plan was originally to make a massive egg sandwich, but of course, that all gets a twist when another egg pops out. "Oh. My. God," he says. "Shut up."

Turns out, there's an egg inside an egg. Unbelievable, but as Grub Street points out, the double-egg phenomenon is not new. The "Oh. My. God. Shut. Up," part, however, is worth it. Watch it all below ("Oh. My. God" starts at 1:11, followed by the man's daughter berating him adorably for a "naughty word").

Head on over to Grub Street for more videos of mutant eggs, plus the scientific explanation for the freak occurrence (something about developing eggs being pushed back up the oviduct).

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