Wahlberg Brothers Sue Wahlburger Business Partner

The lawsuit claims Edward St. Croix is 'incompetent and unqualified'

Well, let's just assume that a Wahlburger expansion isn't happening soon; the Boston Globe reports that the Wahlberg brothers (Mark, Paul, and Donnie) might make good entertainment choices, but are regretting their decision to hire a certain Edward St. Croix.

The Wahlbergs are reportedly suing St. Croix, their former business partner, for misrepresenting himself. The lawsuit claims that while St. Croix "represented himself as having had significant experience with the start-up and management of several business enterprises," in practice the business partner was "incompetent and unqualified." Harsh words.

St. Croix, the lawsuit alleges, was unable to handle issues including bookkeeping, obtaining licenses and permits, and raising capital, causing the burger business to rack up "substantial fees." 


As it turns out, not much else is looking up for Wahlburgers; Grub Street notes that the burger restaurant's CEO Rick Vanzuro (who was brought over from Panera) was recently arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence when he was found slumped over his steering wheel and reportedly "reeking" of alcohol.